The easiest way to cook chicken cutlets and beef chaumin

Chicken cutlate – Ingredients – pomegranate kilo pound of pomegranate – 2 cups of boiled potato – one teaspoon of turmeric powder – one teaspoon of hot spices – two tablespoons of groundnut – one teaspoon of ginger paste – egg a – a cup of breadcum – oil for frying and salt Taste Prepare the recipe – Mix chicken meat and boiled potatoes in a bowl first. Mix it well with ginger paste, groundnut paste, hot spices, peppercorns and salt. Take the mixture in hand and make it like a few cutlets. Then put the cutlets wet and fry the breadcum. Now roast the cutlets by roasting sesame oil. After 10 minutes on the plate, heat hot with sauce. Delicious Delicious Chicken Cutlets

== Biff Chaumin == Ingredients: Biff Kmea Saua Cup, Oil Around Four Cups, Chaomin 1 Packet, A Carrot Fourth Cup, A Cup of Powder Fourth, A Cup of Fourth Cup, Ginger-Garlic 1 Teaspoon, Onion One Cup, Quantitatively
How to make: For 9-10 minutes, meat nonstick skillet medium powdered with a spoonful of meat and take meat with tea spoon and seasoning Chaomin packet with Seamin skillet and mix vegetable with 2 cups of water, Adda garlic paste, and rest of the seasoning, add 3 cups of chaomin Cook the skillet on the meat and onion corn and increase the sparkle.

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